Roger Carpenter has been in sales and management for 25 years but joined the Meco family in August 2015. Before his time at Meco, he worked at Pinnacle Propane and had the skill sets that made him a great fit for the Meco team. Roger works as a Sales Representative at our Greenville Branch, and he enjoys working at a company that shares the same values as himself. The most challenging part of his work is adjusting to change, but he is always eager to learn and grow in this ever-changing industry. He loves that the company has a great work-life balance and cares about not only their employees but also about the families that are a part of the Meco team.

At home, Roger enjoys spending time with his wife of 25 years and their dogs. They have three kids, and their whole family loves sports, and one of Roger’s favorite sports being volleyball. He also enjoys cooking and boating, and if he won the lottery, he would love to build their dream home on a lake and own their own boat. He also enjoys movies and Rock music – especially Bon Jovi (and we agree that he has pretty good taste). If he could try any other job for just a day, he would love to be the head football coach at Clemson University, especially in a game against Alabama.

Roger is honest, reliable, and caring with a good sense of humor. He is great at building close knit relationships with those that he works with as well as new and old customers alike. He works very hard to do the best he possibly can and remains committed to our core values. He is a team player, believing that we are a team – together everyone achieves more. Through his time at Meco, Roger has enjoyed getting to work on different projects and learning so much along the way. He hopes to continue to grow in his career at Meco and hopes to eventually become a sales manager or branch manager one day. We look forward to all the future holds for Roger at Meco, and we are so thankful to have him on our team!