Frequent Questions

Point of Sale

Our experienced service techs are experts in working with point of sale systems. Whether you need a new POS system installed or need help troubleshooting, our team is ready to exceed your expectations. Shop POS systems, learn more about MECO’s POS support, or contact our service technicians.

More Details

Are you having trouble with your register or getting error messages? If you’re unsure how to proceed, we can help. Contact the Verifone Help Desk at 1-800-837-4366 or through their online Chat Service from your smart phone or desktop about your Verifone system. If further assistance is needed, you may call us at 800-877-3560 or submit an online Service Call Request and a team member will be in touch with you shortly.


Submit a Service Call

POS/Register Support

As one of the most popular POS systems available, Verifone offers a number of helpful training and support videos online for common issues that may arise. You may access them at any time on their YouTube Channel.  For common manager solutions, watch Verifone video for information about how to change fuel prices, inputting new products, setting up new employees, and more.

For common cashier issues, Verifone offers training videos that explain how to handle power outages, accessing help menus, moving prepay to a different pump and more.

Install or Upgrade a POS

Our technicians are trained not only in fuel dispensing equipment but also the software behind these point-of-sale systems. If you’re interested in purchasing, visit our POS product page. When you buy with MECO Augusta-Greenville, you are also partnering with a 24/7 support team that is certified to provide maintenance and repairs for these systems. 

Hanging Equipment Servicing

Whether it’s a nozzle, hose or swivel, our service techs can identify the issue and resolve it quickly and effectively. We also carry an extensive stock of replacement parts and are the experts in hanging equipment servicing. No matter the hour, our service technicians are on call 24/7 to respond to your service requests.

Slow Pumping

If one or several of your pumps are operating slowly, costing you time and revenue, contact a MECO representative for assistance.

Why is my fuel dispenser pumping slowly?

Slow pumping is a very common problem for fuel dispensing stations. Whether you have an easy-fix issue, like a loose part, clogged filter, or need a replacement for an important component, MECO can help. If some parts of your fuel dispenser are damaged, it may also result in slow pumping. If you have a defective part, please call contact your MECO technicians by filling out a service request form.

Identifying Common Issues

A MECO technician will check first for common issues that can cause slow pumping, including:

  • Fuel supply level
  • Filters and strainers that are clogged or blocked
  • Power supply to the pump
  • Suction line
  • Nozzle check valves with grime or debris

Tank Monitoring

If you are experiencing any issues with your tank monitoring equipment, submit a request and MECO will get your systems back online and in compliance quickly.

Pump Displays & Buttons

Are you having issues with your fuel pump displays, buttons or credit card reader? Contact one of our service technicians for quick assistance.

EMV Compliance

MECO is ready to assist in EMV Upgrades. Learn how we can help make the process seamless.