Featured Employee

Josh Owens

In April 2019, Josh joined the Meco family as our Service Coordinator and Parts Counter for the Greenville branch. In his role, Meco has helped him become more productive through having a daily routine he can follow. Before he worked at Meco, he worked as a HVAC Repair Technician, but joined Meco after hearing about us from a local gas station near his home. Despite having to learn new things, especially how different gas dispenser operate and how the parts work together, he enjoys the family-oriented work environment as well as the people he gets to work with daily. Some of his favorite jobs have been building tanks, especially the custom camouflage tank they did this summer. Josh loves feeling like he is part of a team at Meco and having opportunities to grow personally and professionally.


At home, Josh loves spending time with his wife and two daughters. They love being outdoors, and some of his hobbies include going to the lake and camping, riding jet skis, doing automotive repairs, and watching sports. His favorites include the Atlanta Braves, Clemson Football, and Motocross. In his free time, he also loves drumming – in fact, he has been a drummer for over 15 years! Josh loves the Lord and defines success as being content with your choices and being surrounded by those you love.


Josh is honest, caring, and always willing to help – he is a great team player! He is great at working with people from all backgrounds, cultures and walks of life. He has a genuine love for people and an easy-going nature, and it shows in how he serves and connects with our customers. He loves to problem solve and find ways to be more efficient in his job and refine his skills. He hopes to one day be part of expanding the company to other areas, and we love his commitment to seeing the company grow. We are so thankful that he joined the Meco family, and we look forward to watching him grow at Meco for many years to come!


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