Jeremy Youngblood joined Meco in June 2014, and his brother, Josh, followed shortly after in October 2014. Jeremy is a service technician for the Augusta branch, and before his time at Meco, he was a small engine repair man. He had the skill sets for technician work already, so he learned things quick! Being part of the Meco family and receiving hands on training for his job, expanded his knowledge of our industry as well as given him a company that stands behind their employees and treats them like family. The most challenging part of his job is working with dispensers due to the extensive types of repairs that they can potentially need; however, he enjoys all the projects he has been a part of and enjoys taking on new challenges each day.


At home, Jeremy loves to spend time with his wife and daughter as well as their dog and cat. They love to be active and outside, especially hunting and fishing. He enjoys playing golf in his free time and is secretly great at ping-pong! He also loves to travel, with his favorite trip being his honeymoon with his wife in Jamaica. If Jeremy could have any other job for just a day, he would be an archaeologist and might be the next man to discover the next big artifact to uncover more of ancient history! He also loves rock music like Linkin Park, and many movies, especially Marvel ones.


Jeremy is kind and funny, and he always gives 100% at everything he does. His biggest pet peeve is not completing a project correctly, so he always seeks to get the job done efficiently as well as correctly. He looks forward to continuing to grow at Meco and maybe become a service manager at one of our branches. We are thankful for Jeremy and all the hard work he does at Meco, and we look forward to seeing him continue to grow here at Meco!