Chris became part of the Meco family in June 2018 as a Key Account Sales Representative. He works directly with Scott in our Retail Sales department and has grown in his knowledge and skills tremendously in a short amount of time. He came into Meco knowing very little about the Petroleum Industry but is now quoting jobs and ordering parts and equipment to complete ground up projects. The thing he loves the most about Meco is the family-like atmosphere and the support given to all employees. We are all working towards the same goal, and the unity here at Meco is what keeps us moving forward.


When not at the office, Chris loves spending time with his wife, Erin, their two kids, Colton and Ensley, and their dog, Benny. He also enjoys golfing, baseball, hunting, working out and grilling. His favorite teams are the Atlanta Braves and the South Carolina Gamecocks, and if he could have a different job for just a day, he’d love to be a professional baseball pitcher. He also enjoys country music and watching Forensic Files with his wife. He loves Mexican and Indian food, and his favorite book is the Bible. Among other his other interests and hobbies, he loves to travel. If he won the lottery, going on fancy vacations with his family would be first on his to-do list.


Chris is trustworthy, outgoing, and loyal; he is great at building relationships with our customers and always seeks ways to better serve them. He is constantly seeking to grow and become better each day – a trait about him that we really admire and value. Chris would eventually love to become the Sales Manager at Meco, helping the company expand and grow further. We are so thankful for all that Chris does here at Meco, and we are so excited to continue to see him grow within the Meco family!