Heidi has been with Meco since 2015 as our Accounting and Office Manager. Her time at Meco has helped her refine her accounting and leadership skills. Before her time at Meco, she worked doing glass etching, sign design, production and photography for catalogs as well as web design. She joined the Meco family after finding an online ad during a temp job gone bad, and she hasn’t looked back since! Her favorite things about Meco are the people she works with, the work she does, and the family atmosphere of the Meco team. Her favorite project that she has undertaken at Meco is our inventory management and accounting system, APTORA. This project has equipped her with the skill set to assist anyone in the office with APTORA assistance – she’s our APTORA wizard for sure!


At home, Heidi loves to spend time with her family. She has married to her husband, Tim, for 11 years, and together, they have a 21-yr. old step-son, Chris, a 10-yr. old daughter, Annika, a Terrier/Lab mix, Charla, a Jack Russell/Fiest puppy, Possum, and a Calico cat, Gypsy. Tim and Heidi always seem to be going and doing. Together, they enjoy remolding houses and starting new projects on their own. As a family, they love to go to baseball games, go to Six Flags, grilling out, watching movies, and playing pool. Heidi also loves crafting, baking, organizing, and photography. In fact, if she hadn’t ended up in accounting, you may have booked her for a photography shoot! Heidi and her family also enjoy taking cruises and traveling. Some of her favorite trips that she has taken are California with her parents, Oregon with her friends, hiking the Rio Grande, Niagara Falls with her grandparents, Cozumel with all her cousins, and Disney with her husband and kids.


Heidi is smart, kind and willing to help wherever help is needed. She is a team player and a valuable part of our Meco family. She is excited for Meco’s future and hopes to have more opportunities to lead in the accounting department across multiple branches. Her positive attitude, leadership, and desire to serve others, is an example of the values that we hold dear at Meco. We are so thankful for you, Heidi, and for all you do! We cannot wait to see how you continue to grow in Meco for many years to come!