Just like that, the year has come to an end! We had so many amazing memories, events we participated in and hosted, new people joined our Meco family, and so many more changes and new ventures. 2020 is going to be an amazing year, and we are so excited for what the future holds!

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We celebrated several Meco birthdays this past month including:

  • Heidi Heatherly, Office and Accounting Manager
  • Justin Davis, Service Technician at our Greenville Branch
  • Jeremy Youngblood, Service Technician at our Augusta Branch
  • Ken Rogers, Service Dispatcher for both Branches 

We have a few job updates that we are finally able to share with you! We finished up a job at YRC as well as another Tank Job at Doctor’s Hospital. We had a few other smaller jobs as well this month like a tank cleaning at Lovett Trucking.

We are still growing our team at both branches, so if you would like to join the Meco family, please take a look at the job descriptions and apply online now! You can find all of that information as well as our online application here.


One of the most exciting things that we accomplished this month was purchasing a secondary warehouse across the street from our Augusta Branch and launched a new division of Meco, called Environmental Petroleum Services! We are so excited to remodeling our new space. The expansion of space and an additional division of our Parent Company will provide us more opportunities to carry more equipment, have more room to streamline processes, offer more services to our clients to meet all their site needs both for service, install and now environmental! We can’t wait to see this division take off and watch our companies continue to grow and expand as we move into 2020!