Meco Employees

August Feat. Employee, Jeremy Youngblood

Jeremy Youngblood joined Meco in June 2014, and his brother, Josh, followed shortly after in October 2014. Jeremy is a service technician for the Augusta branch, and before his time at Meco, he was a small engine repair man. He had the skill sets for technician work already, so he learned things quick! Being part of the Meco family and receiving hands on training for his job, expanded his knowledge of our industry as well as given him a company that stands behind their employees and treats them like family. The most challenging part of his job is working with dispensers due to the extensive types of repairs that they can potentially need; however, he enjoys all the projects he has been a part of and enjoys taking on new challenges each day.


At home, Jeremy loves to spend time with his wife and daughter as well as their dog and cat. They love to be active and outside, especially hunting and fishing. He enjoys playing golf in his free time and is secretly great at ping-pong! He also loves to travel, with his favorite trip being his honeymoon with his wife in Jamaica. If Jeremy could have any other job for just a day, he would be an archaeologist and might be the next man to discover the next big artifact to uncover more of ancient history! He also loves rock music like Linkin Park, and many movies, especially Marvel ones.


Jeremy is kind and funny, and he always gives 100% at everything he does. His biggest pet peeve is not completing a project correctly, so he always seeks to get the job done efficiently as well as correctly. He looks forward to continuing to grow at Meco and maybe become a service manager at one of our branches. We are thankful for Jeremy and all the hard work he does at Meco, and we look forward to seeing him continue to grow here at Meco!

July Feat. Employee, Danny Demery

Danny has been with the Meco family for several years as part of our Install team for our Greenville branch. Meco has helped him learn new skills that continually improve his work. Before he worked at Meco, he was a telemarketer, and he loves that his “office” is now outside. Although his work at Meco at times can be challenging, especially when having to travel, he enjoys setting tanks and learning everything there is to know about the industry. Danny loves the family environment at Meco and having opportunities to grow personally and professionally.


At home, Danny loves spending time with his family and watching TV. He enjoys relaxing and enjoying quiet moments or putting on one of his favorite shows, Chuck. Family is very important to him, and one of his favorite memory as a kid was going to work with his dad. Danny also loves music, especially Metal, football, and traveling. He would love to eventually travel the country and sight-see across the United States.


Danny is loyal, honest, and trustworthy, and he always determined to grow, learn and improve in his field. He enjoys problem solving and finding ways to be more efficient in his job. He hopes to continue working and growing with Meco for many years to come. We are so thankful that he joined the Meco family!

May Feat. Employee, John Magee

John Magee is our Managing Director and has been with Meco since December 2007. He oversees project development and manages our install team. Before joining Meco, John worked as a Medical Device Product Developer, but a phone call to a friend led him to Meco. Restructuring the company has been John’s favorite project so far, and he has loved being able to take on many new challenges here at Meco. John love his co-workers and being a part of a company that is strong, growing and honest.


At home, John enjoys spending time with his wife, Darlene, their four kids and their grandchildren. John loves to cook, and he is always trying a new recipe. In fact, aside from his wife, John said he can’t live without potato chips or his Big Green Egg. John loves all Sports, but his favorite is curling. He also enjoys traveling, and one of his favorite trips was the Key West. He’d love to eventually have a beach house and to drive from one end of the Keys to the other. He also enjoys fishing and jet skiing with his family.


John is caring, honest and funny, and he always can make anyone in the office laugh. He is hardworking and knows when to be serious and when to be more relaxed. John is a great organizer and even with many responsibilities, he manages to balance them well. Being a part of the Meco family has given John stability as well as a group of people who support him as well as encourage him to always strive to do his best. He hopes to be with the Meco family for many more years to come and to see the company grow bigger and bigger. We are so thankful to have him on our team and look forward to seeing all he does with Meco for many years to come!

April Feat. Employee, Bill Burke

In 2015, Bill Burke met Dan Kissell, our Greenville Branch Manager, and in April joined the Meco family. Before his time at Meco, Bill worked in IT/Customer Service at a small mom and pop florist shop to put himself through school. Through his time working at Meco, he has been able to become a homeowner and grow in his career. His favorite part about working at Meco  has been the sense of accomplishment that he feels with each new job, getting to see the finished look of a site after performing a full upgrade, and knowing that the work he does will bring more business to our clients.


When not on the job, Bill enjoys spending time with his family, playing video games and riding his motorcycle. He also enjoys playing gold and watching FLCL on tv. Bill loves animals and if he could have another job for just a day, you could call him up to walk your dogs. He enjoys being outdoors, reading and metal music, and has at least one cool hidden talent that we know of – he can walk on his hands!


Bill is friendly and loyal – making him a valuable part of our team. Although the job comes with challenges, he always seeks to fulfill all obligations of the job to the best of his abilities. He is constantly seeking to improve and learn more daily about his field. He looks forward to continuing to help grow our Greenville branch, and we are so thankful for him and all he does! He is a great addition to the Meco Family!

March Feat. Employee, Will Day

This past summer Will joined the Meco family as an Air Compressor Technician. In his role, Meco has helped him gain better communication skills that he can apply to any job he does. Before he worked at Meco, he worked as a guard at Casinos in Los Angeles. Despite having challenges and occasional obstacles, especially learning APTORA, he enjoys the family-oriented work environment as well as the people he gets to work with daily. One of his favorite jobs has been the New Fuel Project we completed at Martin Marietta. He enjoys getting to meet new people and helping fix any issues they may be having at their site. Will loves being part of the team at Meco and having opportunities to grow personally and professionally.


At home, Will loves spending time with his wife and kids. They love going to the Columbia Zoo as a family, and at home he loves to play video games and watch his favorite show, Vikings. Some of his other hobbies include riding motorcycles with his dad and doing mechanical and electrical work. If he could have another job for a day, he would love to be an airplane pilot.


Will is friendly, kind and funny – he is always bringing a positive outlook and a good laugh to our office! He is great at working with people and has an easy-going nature, which you can see in how he serves and connects with our customers. He hopes to continue working with Meco for many years to come, with the hope of having his own service van too. We are so thankful that he joined the Meco family, and we look forward to watching him grow at Meco for many years to come!

February Feat. Employee, Charles Hilliard

Charles Hilliard has been a part of the Meco family since April 2017, and he works as our Commercial Sales Representative at our Augusta branch. The family environment at Meco is what hooked him in after he found a job opening for us at He describes Meco as a company that sticks to our core values of honesty, integrity and trust. Some of his favorite projects at Meco have been at Martin Marietta, a leading supplier of construction aggregates and heavy building materials, and SRS, the Savannah River Site which is a nuclear reservation in South Carolina.


When outside the office, Charles loves spending time with his wife, Kandice, and their seven kids – and yes, he did seven! They love having a big family, and he enjoys fishing and hunting, often bringing some of his kids along too. Football is his favorite sport, and he loves both watching it and coaching it too! Making memories with his family and loved ones follows his life motto of “living the dream”.


Charles is ambitious and hard-working as well as honest and loyal. His “can do” attitude is a great model for the values that Meco as a company holds. He’s got a good sense of humor, but he also knows when to be serious and to get work done. He has made great relationships with our customers, and always seeks to do the best he can to serve them well, because after all, “service makes the difference”. We are so thankful to have Charles in our Meco family, and we look forward to seeing him to continue to grow in our company for many years to come!

December Feat. Employee, Heidi Heatherly

Heidi has been with Meco since 2015 as our Accounting and Office Manager. Her time at Meco has helped her refine her accounting and leadership skills. Before her time at Meco, she worked doing glass etching, sign design, production and photography for catalogs as well as web design. She joined the Meco family after finding an online ad during a temp job gone bad, and she hasn’t looked back since! Her favorite things about Meco are the people she works with, the work she does, and the family atmosphere of the Meco team. Her favorite project that she has undertaken at Meco is our inventory management and accounting system, APTORA. This project has equipped her with the skill set to assist anyone in the office with APTORA assistance – she’s our APTORA wizard for sure!


At home, Heidi loves to spend time with her family. She has married to her husband, Tim, for 11 years, and together, they have a 21-yr. old step-son, Chris, a 10-yr. old daughter, Annika, a Terrier/Lab mix, Charla, a Jack Russell/Fiest puppy, Possum, and a Calico cat, Gypsy. Tim and Heidi always seem to be going and doing. Together, they enjoy remolding houses and starting new projects on their own. As a family, they love to go to baseball games, go to Six Flags, grilling out, watching movies, and playing pool. Heidi also loves crafting, baking, organizing, and photography. In fact, if she hadn’t ended up in accounting, you may have booked her for a photography shoot! Heidi and her family also enjoy taking cruises and traveling. Some of her favorite trips that she has taken are California with her parents, Oregon with her friends, hiking the Rio Grande, Niagara Falls with her grandparents, Cozumel with all her cousins, and Disney with her husband and kids.


Heidi is smart, kind and willing to help wherever help is needed. She is a team player and a valuable part of our Meco family. She is excited for Meco’s future and hopes to have more opportunities to lead in the accounting department across multiple branches. Her positive attitude, leadership, and desire to serve others, is an example of the values that we hold dear at Meco. We are so thankful for you, Heidi, and for all you do! We cannot wait to see how you continue to grow in Meco for many years to come!

November Feat. Employee, Scott Greene

Scott is our outside Retail Sales Representative at Meco, and he has been with the company since January 2002 – 18 years! Scott worked for SRS prior to joining Meco where he was able to go into a nuclear storage vault, and he was later introduced to Meco through a friend and former employee at the company. His favorite thing about joining the Meco family was the small family-like environment and the opportunities for growth. Through working at Meco, he has gained more confidence and knowledge about the products we carry while being able to build meaningful relationships with our customers. His favorite project to date has been Sprint Foods #701 and enjoyed seeing that project through from start to finish.


While not at the office or out at job sites with customers, Scott enjoys spending time with his wife and family – which includes 10 grandchildren and a few puppies! He loves seeing them grow up and making memories together. He also enjoys golfing, boating, and kicking back to watch classics like The Andy Griffith Show. He also enjoys traveling occasionally and one of his favorite trips was to Barcelona, Spain, and he hopes to travel more after retirement.


Scott is fun-loving and loyal, and he is wonderful at building genuine relationships with people that he meets. He sees success as having done his very best no matter what the circumstances. Over the many years with Meco, he has made close knit relationships with customers and with his Meco family that will carry on through retirement. If he could have another job outside of Meco before retiring, you could find him coaching football at either UGA or Tennessee – and we know he’d have a blast doing it. We are so thankful for the many years he has worked diligently at our company and really made a positive impact. He hopes to be semi-retired in the next five years, but until then, we are so thankful that he is part of the Meco family!

October Feat. Employee, Brad Burke

Brad was introduced to Meco when he met his wife and her parents during their junior year at Auburn University. Brad is the son-in-law to the company’s previous owner, Jeff Futrelle. He and Franklin Futrelle, Jeff’s son, took over the business in December of 2017. Brad is the CEO at Meco as well as our current Sales Manager. He came into Meco having a general knowledge about petroleum equipment since he was a manufactures rep that sold product to Meco and our competitors prior to taking over the company – something that was never actually an idea or plan until it was discussed four weeks prior to moving to Augusta! During his time at Meco, he has learned so much about installation and service, construction, leadership, continuing to build a family atmosphere within the company, as well as had personal and professional growth. Leading Meco has allowed him to live out his dreams of one day owning a company and becoming an impactful leader. Before his time at Meco, Brad has worked some interesting  and unusual jobs – one of which was selling yellow page advertising in a call center when apps and internet advertising were really taking off. This was a difficult task since no one was buying or using yellow page ads anymore; however, it taught him a lot about what he didn’t want to do as well as how to overcome difficult situations with new people. Some other interesting jobs include managing and bartending at the well-known Skybar and working as a regional manager for Red Bull.


At home, Brad enjoys spending time with his family, watching college football and tailgating, going to the lake, fishing, camping, and four-wheeling. Brad is married to his wife, Elizabeth, and they have three kids, Jackson, Madison, and Hartley, who arrived this September of last year! He and his family also love to travel, and they recently took all the kids to Disney World. One day, he’d love to travel to New Zealand or Alaska. One of his favorite things is to spend time with his wife and family making new memories as well as sharing memories from his childhood with his own kids.


Brad is dependable, honest, hardworking, and genuine. He cares about his employees as well as our customers, and he is always seeking to lead and serve better. He believes that success is knowing you have made a difference in your own family and the people around you, having the attitude to put forth your very best effort for your family and peers, working hard towards a goal, and trusting in the Lord to provide. His love for what we do at Meco as a specialized industry, the small family business atmosphere, and his love for all the employees, shows in how he leads. He has enjoyed having opportunities to grow in leadership as well as design projects from the ground up, and he hopes to lead Meco for many years to come. We are so thankful for his leadership and the many hats he wears at Meco to make our team the very best we can be!

September Feat. Employee, John Thomas

John Thomas joined the Meco family in April 2011 as a Service Technician for the Greenville branch. Before he was at Meco, he worked in Production and Audio as a Video Technician where he was able to make sets, staging and productions. It was also a blast to play around with extremely powerful lasers! Being a part of the Meco family has given John more opportunities to learn technical and social abilities, as well as a work environment that has always been understanding and has had his back through many personal life events.


When John is not on the job at various sites, he loves spending time with his kids and working out at the gym. In his free time, he also enjoys taking on challenges by learning more about computers and computer applications as well as Astronomy. He also enjoys many different types of music and is a big fan of Star Trek the Next Generation. The three things that make him the happiest in life are his kids, having security, and his freedom.


John is serious, hard-working and caring which shows in how he serves all our customers without complaint no matter how challenging the task or situation. He takes everything in stride and always puts his best efforts forward with every job he does. Although he is not sure what the next five years look like, we hope that he will always be a part of our Meco family. We are so thankful for him and hope to see him grow and continue to have a great impact here at Meco!