This summer is almost over and we can’t believe how fast this year is going! We have a full calendar for the remainder of the year, including more jobs, hiring, trade shows, industry news and more to share with you!

Our sales brochures arrived this month! We are so pleased with how they turned out for both Retail and Commercial Fueling. Ask one of our Sales Reps today for a copy as it showcases many products and brands we carry. We hope it will be as helpful to you as we envision it to be! You can also find both online here Retail // Commercial

We had a few events this summer that were a blast! Some highlights were:

  • Todd Parsons Golf Tournament, June 5th in Augusta, GA
  • SRS United Way Golf Tournament, June 7th in Augusta, GA
  • Customer Appreciation Cookout, June 12th in Augusta, GA

We have several jobs going on this summer, and we are excited to see some of them come to a close soon! Stay tuned in July for more updates and photos we have to share with you.

We have been sharing lots more information on our Facebook page as well as our Twitter and Instagram – if you haven’t followed us on any of these platforms yet, you are missing out on what’s new with us and so much good info that might benefit you! We are also now on Linked In too! To check it out, click and follow all the links above! 

We still have several job openings that we are looking to fill, so if you would like to join the Meco family, please take a look at the job descriptions and apply online now! You can find all of that information as well as our online application here.

Have a great week everyone, and stay tuned for more updates!