This past summer Will joined the Meco family as an Air Compressor Technician. In his role, Meco has helped him gain better communication skills that he can apply to any job he does. Before he worked at Meco, he worked as a guard at Casinos in Los Angeles. Despite having challenges and occasional obstacles, especially learning APTORA, he enjoys the family-oriented work environment as well as the people he gets to work with daily. One of his favorite jobs has been the New Fuel Project we completed at Martin Marietta. He enjoys getting to meet new people and helping fix any issues they may be having at their site. Will loves being part of the team at Meco and having opportunities to grow personally and professionally.


At home, Will loves spending time with his wife and kids. They love going to the Columbia Zoo as a family, and at home he loves to play video games and watch his favorite show, Vikings. Some of his other hobbies include riding motorcycles with his dad and doing mechanical and electrical work. If he could have another job for a day, he would love to be an airplane pilot.


Will is friendly, kind and funny – he is always bringing a positive outlook and a good laugh to our office! He is great at working with people and has an easy-going nature, which you can see in how he serves and connects with our customers. He hopes to continue working with Meco for many years to come, with the hope of having his own service van too. We are so thankful that he joined the Meco family, and we look forward to watching him grow at Meco for many years to come!