Scott is our outside Retail Sales Representative at Meco, and he has been with the company since January 2002 – 18 years! Scott worked for SRS prior to joining Meco where he was able to go into a nuclear storage vault, and he was later introduced to Meco through a friend and former employee at the company. His favorite thing about joining the Meco family was the small family-like environment and the opportunities for growth. Through working at Meco, he has gained more confidence and knowledge about the products we carry while being able to build meaningful relationships with our customers. His favorite project to date has been Sprint Foods #701 and enjoyed seeing that project through from start to finish.


While not at the office or out at job sites with customers, Scott enjoys spending time with his wife and family – which includes 10 grandchildren and a few puppies! He loves seeing them grow up and making memories together. He also enjoys golfing, boating, and kicking back to watch classics like The Andy Griffith Show. He also enjoys traveling occasionally and one of his favorite trips was to Barcelona, Spain, and he hopes to travel more after retirement.


Scott is fun-loving and loyal, and he is wonderful at building genuine relationships with people that he meets. He sees success as having done his very best no matter what the circumstances. Over the many years with Meco, he has made close knit relationships with customers and with his Meco family that will carry on through retirement. If he could have another job outside of Meco before retiring, you could find him coaching football at either UGA or Tennessee – and we know he’d have a blast doing it. We are so thankful for the many years he has worked diligently at our company and really made a positive impact. He hopes to be semi-retired in the next five years, but until then, we are so thankful that he is part of the Meco family!