November came and left just as quickly as October did! We have started to slowing down as we move towards celebrating the Holiday Season in December. However, we had a handful of fun things happen this past month!

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We had several new hires within the last few months including:

  • Justin Davis, Service Technician at our Greenville Branch
  • BoJay Labrum, Service Technician at our Augusta Branch
  • Ken Rogers, Service Dispatcher for both Branches
  • Will Day, Service Technician at our Augusta Branch

We also had many Meco birthdays this past month including:

  • Scott Green, Retail Sales Rep at our Augusta Branch
  • Matt Colgrove, Service Technician at our Augusta Branch
  • Tony Smith, Install Crew Member at our Augusta Branch


We have not had many job updates to share with you yet, but as soon as we do, they’ll be posted here and on our social media accounts. To check it out, click and follow all the links above! 


We still have several job openings that we are looking to fill, so if you would like to join the Meco family, please take a look at the job descriptions and apply online now! You can find all of that information as well as our online application here.


We hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends! Stay tuned for more updates coming soon!