Brad was introduced to Meco when he met his wife and her parents during their junior year at Auburn University. Brad is the son-in-law to the company’s previous owner, Jeff Futrelle. He and Franklin Futrelle, Jeff’s son, took over the business in December of 2017. Brad is the CEO at Meco as well as our current Sales Manager. He came into Meco having a general knowledge about petroleum equipment since he was a manufactures rep that sold product to Meco and our competitors prior to taking over the company – something that was never actually an idea or plan until it was discussed four weeks prior to moving to Augusta! During his time at Meco, he has learned so much about installation and service, construction, leadership, continuing to build a family atmosphere within the company, as well as had personal and professional growth. Leading Meco has allowed him to live out his dreams of one day owning a company and becoming an impactful leader. Before his time at Meco, Brad has worked some interesting  and unusual jobs – one of which was selling yellow page advertising in a call center when apps and internet advertising were really taking off. This was a difficult task since no one was buying or using yellow page ads anymore; however, it taught him a lot about what he didn’t want to do as well as how to overcome difficult situations with new people. Some other interesting jobs include managing and bartending at the well-known Skybar and working as a regional manager for Red Bull.


At home, Brad enjoys spending time with his family, watching college football and tailgating, going to the lake, fishing, camping, and four-wheeling. Brad is married to his wife, Elizabeth, and they have three kids, Jackson, Madison, and Hartley, who arrived this September of last year! He and his family also love to travel, and they recently took all the kids to Disney World. One day, he’d love to travel to New Zealand or Alaska. One of his favorite things is to spend time with his wife and family making new memories as well as sharing memories from his childhood with his own kids.


Brad is dependable, honest, hardworking, and genuine. He cares about his employees as well as our customers, and he is always seeking to lead and serve better. He believes that success is knowing you have made a difference in your own family and the people around you, having the attitude to put forth your very best effort for your family and peers, working hard towards a goal, and trusting in the Lord to provide. His love for what we do at Meco as a specialized industry, the small family business atmosphere, and his love for all the employees, shows in how he leads. He has enjoyed having opportunities to grow in leadership as well as design projects from the ground up, and he hopes to lead Meco for many years to come. We are so thankful for his leadership and the many hats he wears at Meco to make our team the very best we can be!