John Thomas joined the Meco family in April 2011 as a Service Technician for the Greenville branch. Before he was at Meco, he worked in Production and Audio as a Video Technician where he was able to make sets, staging and productions. It was also a blast to play around with extremely powerful lasers! Being a part of the Meco family has given John more opportunities to learn technical and social abilities, as well as a work environment that has always been understanding and has had his back through many personal life events.


When John is not on the job at various sites, he loves spending time with his kids and working out at the gym. In his free time, he also enjoys taking on challenges by learning more about computers and computer applications as well as Astronomy. He also enjoys many different types of music and is a big fan of Star Trek the Next Generation. The three things that make him the happiest in life are his kids, having security, and his freedom.


John is serious, hard-working and caring which shows in how he serves all our customers without complaint no matter how challenging the task or situation. He takes everything in stride and always puts his best efforts forward with every job he does. Although he is not sure what the next five years look like, we hope that he will always be a part of our Meco family. We are so thankful for him and hope to see him grow and continue to have a great impact here at Meco!