In 2015, Bill Burke met Dan Kissell, our Greenville Branch Manager, and in April joined the Meco family. Before his time at Meco, Bill worked in IT/Customer Service at a small mom and pop florist shop to put himself through school. Through his time working at Meco, he has been able to become a homeowner and grow in his career. His favorite part about working at Meco  has been the sense of accomplishment that he feels with each new job, getting to see the finished look of a site after performing a full upgrade, and knowing that the work he does will bring more business to our clients.


When not on the job, Bill enjoys spending time with his family, playing video games and riding his motorcycle. He also enjoys playing gold and watching FLCL on tv. Bill loves animals and if he could have another job for just a day, you could call him up to walk your dogs. He enjoys being outdoors, reading and metal music, and has at least one cool hidden talent that we know of – he can walk on his hands!


Bill is friendly and loyal – making him a valuable part of our team. Although the job comes with challenges, he always seeks to fulfill all obligations of the job to the best of his abilities. He is constantly seeking to improve and learn more daily about his field. He looks forward to continuing to help grow our Greenville branch, and we are so thankful for him and all he does! He is a great addition to the Meco Family!