June seemed to go by as quickly as it came! We have continued to follow all CDC recommendations for social distancing, and just recently started having employees return to the office to work. However, we have had some of our employees test positive, so we have had our office employees return to working from home. In the meantime, we are following all social distancing recommendations and taking extra precaution with our FedEx and UPS Shipments as well as all technicians out at our job sites. We hope our employees will be able to return to the office sometime in July or August. Thank you all for your continued patience and business in light of any changes and 

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We had a recent update about one of our Meco Employees, Chris Key! We are excited to announce that one of our Augusta Retail Sales Reps, Chris Key, has been promoted to our new Retail Sales Manager/Key Account Manager! Chris has been with Meco for two years now and has proven to be invaluable to our team. His innovative skills, ability to handle difficult tasks/situations, and background in business have made him someone who can not only be dependable but will also make a great leader.

    We have also had a few Meco birthdays this past month including:

    • Oscar Parada, Warehouse Manager at our Augusta Branch
    • Josh Youngblood, Install Crew Member at our Augusta Branch
    • Brad Burke, CEO of Meco Inc. of Augusta-Greenville
    • Scott Greene, Retail Sales Rep at our Augusta Branch


    We also had a fun project up at our Greenville Branch this month, creating two custom gas-powered mobile fuel tanks for Odell oil! Not only do we have the industry experts for any retail or commercial fueling sites, we offer service that makes a difference with solutions to meet your site specific needs – including custom designs like this one! Our Greenville branch blew us away yet again when they rose to the occasion and provided this custom request for one of our valued customers.


    We still have several job openings that we are looking to fill, so if you would like to join the Meco family, please take a look at the job descriptions and apply online now! You can find all of that information as well as our online application here.


    We hope you all are having a wonderful summer despite current events! Stay tuned for more updates coming soon!