John Magee is our Managing Director and has been with Meco since December 2007. He oversees project development and manages our install team. Before joining Meco, John worked as a Medical Device Product Developer, but a phone call to a friend led him to Meco. Restructuring the company has been John’s favorite project so far, and he has loved being able to take on many new challenges here at Meco. John love his co-workers and being a part of a company that is strong, growing and honest.


At home, John enjoys spending time with his wife, Darlene, their four kids and their grandchildren. John loves to cook, and he is always trying a new recipe. In fact, aside from his wife, John said he can’t live without potato chips or his Big Green Egg. John loves all Sports, but his favorite is curling. He also enjoys traveling, and one of his favorite trips was the Key West. He’d love to eventually have a beach house and to drive from one end of the Keys to the other. He also enjoys fishing and jet skiing with his family.


John is caring, honest and funny, and he always can make anyone in the office laugh. He is hardworking and knows when to be serious and when to be more relaxed. John is a great organizer and even with many responsibilities, he manages to balance them well. Being a part of the Meco family has given John stability as well as a group of people who support him as well as encourage him to always strive to do his best. He hopes to be with the Meco family for many more years to come and to see the company grow bigger and bigger. We are so thankful to have him on our team and look forward to seeing all he does with Meco for many years to come!