Meco Employees

October Feat. Employee, Brad Burke

Brad was introduced to Meco when he met his wife and her parents during their junior year at Auburn University. Brad is the son-in-law to the company’s previous owner, Jeff Futrelle. He and Franklin Futrelle, Jeff’s son, took over the business in December of 2017. Brad is the CEO at Meco as well as our current Sales Manager. He came into Meco having a general knowledge about petroleum equipment since he was a manufactures rep that sold product to Meco and our competitors prior to taking over the company – something that was never actually an idea or plan until it was discussed four weeks prior to moving to Augusta! During his time at Meco, he has learned so much about installation and service, construction, leadership, continuing to build a family atmosphere within the company, as well as had personal and professional growth. Leading Meco has allowed him to live out his dreams of one day owning a company and becoming an impactful leader. Before his time at Meco, Brad has worked some interesting  and unusual jobs – one of which was selling yellow page advertising in a call center when apps and internet advertising were really taking off. This was a difficult task since no one was buying or using yellow page ads anymore; however, it taught him a lot about what he didn’t want to do as well as how to overcome difficult situations with new people. Some other interesting jobs include managing and bartending at the well-known Skybar and working as a regional manager for Red Bull.


At home, Brad enjoys spending time with his family, watching college football and tailgating, going to the lake, fishing, camping, and four-wheeling. Brad is married to his wife, Elizabeth, and they have three kids, Jackson, Madison, and Hartley, who arrived this September of last year! He and his family also love to travel, and they recently took all the kids to Disney World. One day, he’d love to travel to New Zealand or Alaska. One of his favorite things is to spend time with his wife and family making new memories as well as sharing memories from his childhood with his own kids.


Brad is dependable, honest, hardworking, and genuine. He cares about his employees as well as our customers, and he is always seeking to lead and serve better. He believes that success is knowing you have made a difference in your own family and the people around you, having the attitude to put forth your very best effort for your family and peers, working hard towards a goal, and trusting in the Lord to provide. His love for what we do at Meco as a specialized industry, the small family business atmosphere, and his love for all the employees, shows in how he leads. He has enjoyed having opportunities to grow in leadership as well as design projects from the ground up, and he hopes to lead Meco for many years to come. We are so thankful for his leadership and the many hats he wears at Meco to make our team the very best we can be!

September Feat. Employee, John Thomas

John Thomas joined the Meco family in April 2011 as a Service Technician for the Greenville branch. Before he was at Meco, he worked in Production and Audio as a Video Technician where he was able to make sets, staging and productions. It was also a blast to play around with extremely powerful lasers! Being a part of the Meco family has given John more opportunities to learn technical and social abilities, as well as a work environment that has always been understanding and has had his back through many personal life events.


When John is not on the job at various sites, he loves spending time with his kids and working out at the gym. In his free time, he also enjoys taking on challenges by learning more about computers and computer applications as well as Astronomy. He also enjoys many different types of music and is a big fan of Star Trek the Next Generation. The three things that make him the happiest in life are his kids, having security, and his freedom.


John is serious, hard-working and caring which shows in how he serves all our customers without complaint no matter how challenging the task or situation. He takes everything in stride and always puts his best efforts forward with every job he does. Although he is not sure what the next five years look like, we hope that he will always be a part of our Meco family. We are so thankful for him and hope to see him grow and continue to have a great impact here at Meco!

August Feat. Employee, Roger Carpenter

Roger Carpenter has been in sales and management for 25 years but joined the Meco family in August 2015. Before his time at Meco, he worked at Pinnacle Propane and had the skill sets that made him a great fit for the Meco team. Roger works as a Sales Representative at our Greenville Branch, and he enjoys working at a company that shares the same values as himself. The most challenging part of his work is adjusting to change, but he is always eager to learn and grow in this ever-changing industry. He loves that the company has a great work-life balance and cares about not only their employees but also about the families that are a part of the Meco team.

At home, Roger enjoys spending time with his wife of 25 years and their dogs. They have three kids, and their whole family loves sports, and one of Roger’s favorite sports being volleyball. He also enjoys cooking and boating, and if he won the lottery, he would love to build their dream home on a lake and own their own boat. He also enjoys movies and Rock music – especially Bon Jovi (and we agree that he has pretty good taste). If he could try any other job for just a day, he would love to be the head football coach at Clemson University, especially in a game against Alabama.

Roger is honest, reliable, and caring with a good sense of humor. He is great at building close knit relationships with those that he works with as well as new and old customers alike. He works very hard to do the best he possibly can and remains committed to our core values. He is a team player, believing that we are a team – together everyone achieves more. Through his time at Meco, Roger has enjoyed getting to work on different projects and learning so much along the way. He hopes to continue to grow in his career at Meco and hopes to eventually become a sales manager or branch manager one day. We look forward to all the future holds for Roger at Meco, and we are so thankful to have him on our team!

July Feat. Employee, Chris Key

Chris became part of the Meco family in June 2018 as a Key Account Sales Representative. He works directly with Scott in our Retail Sales department and has grown in his knowledge and skills tremendously in a short amount of time. He came into Meco knowing very little about the Petroleum Industry but is now quoting jobs and ordering parts and equipment to complete ground up projects. The thing he loves the most about Meco is the family-like atmosphere and the support given to all employees. We are all working towards the same goal, and the unity here at Meco is what keeps us moving forward.


When not at the office, Chris loves spending time with his wife, Erin, their two kids, Colton and Ensley, and their dog, Benny. He also enjoys golfing, baseball, hunting, working out and grilling. His favorite teams are the Atlanta Braves and the South Carolina Gamecocks, and if he could have a different job for just a day, he’d love to be a professional baseball pitcher. He also enjoys country music and watching Forensic Files with his wife. He loves Mexican and Indian food, and his favorite book is the Bible. Among other his other interests and hobbies, he loves to travel. If he won the lottery, going on fancy vacations with his family would be first on his to-do list.


Chris is trustworthy, outgoing, and loyal; he is great at building relationships with our customers and always seeks ways to better serve them. He is constantly seeking to grow and become better each day – a trait about him that we really admire and value. Chris would eventually love to become the Sales Manager at Meco, helping the company expand and grow further. We are so thankful for all that Chris does here at Meco, and we are so excited to continue to see him grow within the Meco family!

June Feat. Employee, Dan Kissell

Dan is our Regional Manager at Meco’s Greenville Branch and has been with Meco since December 2005 – 13  years! Before working at Meco, Dan worked as a Mobile Lube Mechanic, and he found Meco while seeking employment in Greenville, SC. He loves the family-oriented atmosphere, the rewarding work and seeing hard work pay off. Being able to contribute to the organization and a sense of accomplishment are some of the best things he has gained from being part of the Meco family. His favorite project to date was our Rite Aide Distribution Facility project, and it was great to see that project from start to completion.


At home, Dan loves spending time with his wife and watching football. He enjoys cooking and grilling and can make one mean margarita! He also enjoys reading and has read over 100 novels by James Patterson. In his free time, he enjoys gardening and working on cars, and if he won the lottery, he’d not only buy a bigger house, but would also purchase a faster car – one that he could work on and customize too! He and his wife have a daughter who lives in Arizona and is studying for her master’s degree and an American White Shepard rescue. They enjoy taking trips in their camper and watching Crime shows, like NCIS. One of his favorite memories was flying to Florida at 7 years old, and if Dan could have a different career for a day, he would be an airline pilot!


Dan is hardworking, honest and dedicated to getting the job done and doing it well. He is great at connecting with customers and seeks for ways to better serve our customers out in South and North Carolina. Working at Meco has given him the ability to work hard and fulfill short term and long-term growth results, as well as provided him with great leadership opportunities. His wish is to continue growing our Greenville branch as well as see Meco open other branches. His hard work and dedication to see the company continue to thrive and grow, make him a valuable member to our Meco family, and we are so thankful for him!

May Feat. Employee, Deana Skeen

Deana Skeen joined the Meco family in February of 2018 initially as a temp. She was hired on full time shortly after and works as Admin Assistant and head of Marketing. Coming into Meco with no background knowledge of the petroleum industry, she had lots of training to do and learned lots of information very quickly. Some of her favorite projects at the company have been helping her dad set up our website, starting up our social media accounts, and building our APTORA manual. She loves the people that she works with and the family-oriented environment at Meco.


At home, Deana loves spending time with her husband, Brett, and their two kitties, Rigby and Pumpkin. Her husband served in the United States Air Force for 6 years with one deployment during that time. They met back in high school and have been together 9 years. Together, they enjoy watching anime shows and Marvel movies, going to concerts, and being outdoors. They love any sort of adventure where they can go to new places and try new things – especially all different kinds of food! They would love to travel more and visit places like Italy, Japan, and South Korea. Her favorite vacations so far were their honeymoon in North Georgia and a family vacation to Gulf Shores, Alabama where her and her sister were able to play with baby Kangaroos. In her free time, Deana enjoys reading, bullet journaling, organizing, painting/crafting, building projects with her husband, and spending time with her close friends and family. If Deana could have any other job for just a day, her dream job would be to either be a librarian or to open her own clothing boutique. Her and her husband love their church family, where they serve on the worship team, and Deana is involved in their women’s ministry.


Deana is loyal, hardworking, and compassionate; she works towards doing the very best she can at any task she’s given. Her definition of success is seeing a job or task well done and knowing it was done to give God glory.  She is excited to be a part of Meco’s growth and looks forward to seeing the company expand and have larger impact and further reach in and outside their local community. She hopes to eventually be a stay-at-home mom but still working with and for Meco – possibly leading a whole Marketing team. We are so thankful for all she does for the Meco team and look forward to continuing to see her grow within the company!

April Feat. Employee, Franklin Futrelle

Franklin is our COO and Service Manager and has been part of the Meco family since birth. His grandfather and father owned the business before him and growing up with Meco has shaped him into who he is today. Before he worked at Meco though, he was a racecar driver and sports agent. Although he enjoys the high-speed thrill of racing, the fast-paced nature of Meco has been the most challenging thing he has encountered at Meco. However, he loves that Meco is energetic, committed and growing. Working alongside like-minded individuals who are positive and committed to making Meco grow and succeed has been his favorite part about working at the company his grandfather started many years ago.


When Franklin is not working alongside Brad, working with our service technicians, or out on job sites himself, he loves to spend time at home with his wife, Jessica, two kids, Jefferson and William, and their three dogs. He defines success as seeing his family happy and watching his kids enjoy their childhood. He still loves racecars, or really any car, and will occasionally race, but he would love to one day race at Spa Francorchamps in Stavelot, Belgium. To date, one of his favorite memories racing was when he qualified first and won a big race at Charlotte Motor Speedway at 14 years old. He met the President of Nascar, Bill France, who shook his hand and told him “they must be putting something in water down in Augusta”. If he could try out a different job for a day though, you would find him as President, running the company for one of our vendors, Wayne Fueling.


Franklin is hard working and is always seeking to be a better leader for our service department. His strong people skills and positive attitude are what makes him a great part of our Meco family. His goal is to see the satisfaction of happy customers and to see projects and jobs done well. His hope for the future of Meco is to see three branches and a large commercial fueling division. We are so thankful for him and how he serves, leads and encourages our company to continue to grow as Meco moves forward into a bigger and brighter future.

March Feat. Employee, Oscar Parada

Oscar joined the Meco family three years ago in January 2016, and he manages our inventory and warehouse departments. He works alongside Hailey on our Parts counter and with Hank out in the warehouse, and he has been always happy to take on any task assigned to him. Not only does he manage our warehouse and inventory, but he is also moving into a new role of becoming our estimator. His favorite things about Meco are the family-like atmosphere, the solid relationships built with our customers, and the commitment towards providing phenomenal customer service.


Outside of the office, Oscar loves to spend time with his wife, Jenny. They enjoy camping, going on cruises, traveling, watching movies and TV, and boating. One of their favorite trips was to France where they were able to visit the Louvre Museum in Paris. He hopes to eventually travel and explore Greece, travel to Spain for the fiesta known as the “running of the bulls”, and attend the event called “Burning Man” in Black Rock City, Nevada. If he could have a different job for one day, you might find him collecting and selling valuable antiques. He also enjoys sports, especially soccer, and listens to all kinds of music. He has recently tried and found that he loves the Ketogenic lifestyle and has seen it change his life.


Oscar is honest, loyal, and dependable, and the work that he does at Meco is phenomenal – which is his  favorite word, and one that we think suits him quite well! He defines success as family and seeks to see his Meco family expand and grow – hopefully through adding a new branch in the future! He carries himself with integrity and wants to make a difference every day. His faith and commitment to our core values – honesty, integrity, and trust – make him a valuable part of the Meco family. We are so thankful for him and hope to see him continue to grow with the company for years to come!

February Feat. Employee, Hailey Blackwell

Hailey has been with Meco since January 2018 and works our counter sales and much more. Before joining the Meco family, she worked at FPL Foods. Her favorite thing about working at Meco is the group of people she works with that have become like family as well as the Monday-Friday hours. If anyone else has ever worked a job with odd hours, they can relate that regular weekday hours are definitely a nice change of pace! She also is thankful for the opportunities she’s had to grow and gain better customer service skills through her role.


At home, Hailey enjoys working out, spending time with friends, and going out to the lake. She loves spending time with her extended family and just enjoying each day. If she could have any job for just a day, you could find her possibly writing tickets as a police officer or coaching college softball. Among her other interests, she enjoys movies, like Lethal Weapon, listening to all kinds of music (especially Cardi B), riding four-wheelers, and playing basketball or softball.


At Meco, Hailey does much more than just work counter sales. She assists our warehouse manager as well as service technicians with pulling/stocking parts, ordering and receiving shipments, and much more. She is always happy and on-the-go – bringing a positive energy into the office each day. Her personal motto is “Never give up”, and it shows as she works towards being better than she was yesterday. She is a team player that helps keep us up and running, and we are so thankful to have her as part of our Meco family!

January Feat. Employee, Linda Smoot

Linda has been with Meco since 2014 and works in our Accounting Department and Collections. Before her time at Meco, she spent 23 years working in the medical supplies industry. Her favorite thing about being part of the Meco family is the people she works with and the learning and growth she has experienced here.

At home, Linda loves spending time with her husband, Robert, her son, Alan, and their extended families both here and in Germany! She also loves animals, especially their Boston Terrier, Oreo. In fact, she loves animals so much that if she could have a different job for just one day, she’d want to be a zookeeper! Among other interests some of her favorite things include Star Wars, Classic Rock, and the Walking Dead. There’s no doubt that she could quote you on any Star Wars line or sing you any line by Queen.

Aside from her accounting skills, she is great at crocheting, and every baby in the Meco family is sure to own a handmade piece by her. In her free time, she also enjoys reading as well as going on cruises and camping with friends and family. Her quick wit and humor are only one of the many reasons we love her. She is a wonderful addition to our Meco family, and we are so thankful for her!